Episode 4: Scopes Trial, Leopold and Loeb, a Boy Named Sue, Mayhem and Manipulation

 The Scopes "Monkey" Trial in 1925 was called the "trial of the century," and it was the second "trial of the century" in less than a year - both featuring famous lawyer, Clarence Darrow, a genius of verbal manipulation and communication. Learn about the interesting backstory of "A Boy Named Sue," by Johnny Cash, and its relation to the Scopes Trial.

Learn how this "monkey trial" included the 1925 version of Hillary Clinton mixed with Franklin Graham and Fred Thompson, pitted against the 1925 the real life Atticus Finch, mixed with Johnny Cochran. It's actually pretty crazy.  Also, the first "affluenza" case, where two young rich kids tried their hand at serial killing, and discovered they weren't as smart as socialist philosophers convinced them they were....  

All of this ties together in the strange real world we live in.  And of course, my commentary as a trial lawyer and lover of interesting history.

Visit me online and find my contact info at johnbryanlaw.com.  This was a joint podcast with my other podcast, Scavengeology.  







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