Episode 3: Impeachment 1998 vs. 2019 - just the facts

In episode 3, I go through the actual transcript of President Clinton's 1998 impeachment trial, and you might be surprised by what was said then, as opposed to what was said now.  For instance, did you know that law professors also gave their opinion in 1998 about impeachment law, and unlike Trump's impeachment, they all spoke out against impeachment, warning against damage it could cause to our country.  Oh.... and instead of just 4 of them, there were 200 of them!  And 400 history professors warned against it as well.  I wonder what happened to those guys?

Civil Rights Attorney, John H. Bryan. Find my contact info, and more info about my civil rights work, at johnbryanlaw.com.  Follow me on Facebook @johnbryanlaw

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