Episode 1: Impeachment, Constitution, Gun Laws, Blood Sugar Meters are Crazy, Yo…

Episode 1 of the John Bryan Podcast, a legal pontification session exploring topics such as the impeachment hearings, constitutional law topics surrounding interactions between citizens and law enforcement, including open carry of firearms issues, other gun law and self defense issues, and last, but not least, blood sugar meters. If you use a glucose meter for diabetes, or anyone you know uses one, you have to hear what comes last.  WTF is going on with disparate results between the brands of meters?  Don't miss this, because I haven't heard this anywhere else.....

I'm a civil rights lawyer practicing in West Virginia, with a completely bonafide, but useless, degree as a political scientist, and a love for history, guns, amateur strongman, and many other things that would make this a run-on sentence. 

Visit my website, and find my contact info, at johnbryanlaw.com   also check out my other passion, and podcast, at scavengeology.com - all about history, and much more pleasant, albeit less likely to keep you out of jail, topics.

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